Timmy in the Hospital

The important part is Timmy is ok and we were only there for one night. But it was the scariest mommy moments for me.

He fell head first off the side off the couch. 30 minutes later he was throwing up. We took him to St. Mary’s and his CT scan came back normal but he was still throwing up so they kept him overnight for observation. Poor baby had blood drawn and IV fluids. It was so sad but he was such a good boy. He went to bed in the cage like crib just like we were at home. They woke him every 3 hours to check his eyes. I’m just now recuperating from sleeping on that pull out “bed.”


Simple Milestones

Me and Tim get so excited over every new thing that Timmy does. Last night he ate his dinner with an adult fork and actually forked the food himself. Of course we broke out the video camera. I wonder if all parents are like this or if we are a little over the top. We were listening for birds this morning and Timmy said, “Did you hear that?” Other sentences he’s started saying are, “Where did it go!” And “What are you doing?” He tells the dogs to go lay down and says see you later. I get so much joy from watching him grow up. Yesterday he was in the front yard and went over to the flower pinwheel and got so excited making it go around. I took my camera out again.

I had my 30 week appointment yesterday and Grace is head down and measuring perfect. I can feel her every move and tell you what body part just jumped across my belly. It’s so weird. This pregnancy has been so much better than the first. No swelling, no high blood pressure. We will get our csection date next week. I don’t feel very prepared but at the same time I’m very calm. With Timmy I wanted the nursery just right and all the clothes hung. But I know now that she won’t be using her room for at least 6 months and laundry is never complete so no rush there either. Her play pen came in the mail along with LOTS of clothes. She’s going to be very stylish.