Lydia is 8 Months

This cute little beach babe is growing so fast! 

Just this week it seems like her personality is really shining through. I think we may have another mini diva on our hands. This chick knows what she wants that’s for sure!

Seems like she’s learning something new everyday. Clapping hands was our biggest celebration it’s just so cute. She loves blowing raspberries and it’s especially fun with a mouth full of yogurt. She’s totally in love with food now. Anything and everything she chows down. 

Its really funny how different a mom I am this time around. With Timmy you couldn’t come near him with food unless it was organic, freshly puréed and on the list of approved food according to his age. Well for one, doctors no longer give a list of food by age, its a free for all. So lucky for Lydia, whatever I’m eating so is she. We share meals and its kinda fun. Like today we went to an event with lots of desserts so she had a few licks of banana creme brûlée and a bite of a red velvet white chocolate cookie. 

Her favorite food is Cheerios by far. Yogurt & bananas are close seconds.

She loves driving in her little car. She naps in her swing still and sleeps with mommy and it’s about time for that dreaded crib transition. 

& not to brag but she’s pretty much obsessed with her mama. Like for real. I can’t walk by her without picking her up or if I leave the room be prepared for screaming. 

And there’s 2 little teeth in that gummy smile now. 

She loves books for reading and for slobbering.

Look at me Mom! Trying to stand up! Slow down sister. We are so not ready for a baby on the move between Legos & Barbie shoes this place is a mine field.

Took some pictures in Great Grandmas garden.

We took Lydia for her first dip in the pool and it was a total success. She’s a little water baby.

More of this mama’s obsessive photo taking.

This was Grace at the same age in the same bubble.

We set up a baby zone in the playroom and she loves it. She plays so nice with her toys and Timmy & Grace go in and play with her too. 

Timmy was so proud to be able to hold her by himself.

This was her first park swing, clearly she’s a fan.

And sand. She wasn’t too sure about it and with her faucet drool situation the sand was all over her face.
Lydia is still wearing size 3 diapers but we have moved up another size 🙈 Her thighs tho more rolls than a bakery! Size 12 months clothes & 20 pounds of yumminess.

She loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Like obsessed. That show will stop tears dead in there tracks. 

& thats about all her new adventure these past two months.

Life is about to be busy busy once this little munchkin is on the move. We are just over here trying to soak up all these sweet stages of her babyhood. We know all too well that if you blink you’ll miss it. 

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