Lydia was 4 months now she’s 5 months

Lol.. Yea i missed the 4 month update. Every year at this time I totally slack on my blog and I always regret it so here’s to catching up on my little munchkin!

This is Lydia tonight. Precious as ever & always with a huge open mouth smile!

She is officially in 9 months clothing and size 3 diapers. At her 4 month checkup she was 16.4 pounds and 25.4 inches. All those extra rolls make for a very cuddly baby.

She is holding her feet and nibbling on her toes as of yesterday. She’s rolling, rolling, rolling. Now I have to break out the playpen because this house is covered in teeny tiny army guns and Barbie shoes. 

Keeping it casual today in her first pair of shorts & sneakers. Check out those legs. Its really hard to believe that this is a picture of my almost 5 month old baby. She seriously looks wayyyy older. Makes me want to wrap her up in a blanket and put a baby hat on her head.

Today she used the bumbo for the first time and last week we put together the jumper. So many new things for little Lydia to explore. But her favorite yet was the bananas she got on Christmas morning. Eating like a pro on the first day. ​

We also recently upgraded to a bath seat and thank God because baby bathtubs are so much extra work. Now i can throw all 3 kids in one tub.

Here are pictures of this month:

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