Gracie’s ONE!

Well she’s been one for a month now and I feel like I haven’t been too excited to write about it. It seems like overnight she has gone from baby to toddler, running around with Timmy like as if she doesn’t know there’s an age difference between them. If Timmy is doing it you can bet Grace will be right behind him doing the same thing. If she hears Timmy playing, off she goes. Mommy has become second choice. So has eating or nursing. Nothing beats playing with her brother even if it means she’s getting pushed around or something’s being thrown at her head.

At her one year check up she weighed 18 pounds 13 ounces and was 29 3/4 inches. She’s in the 30th percentile for both which is quite a bit smaller than Timmy who was at 95% for both at that age.

She has 8 teeth. Loves all food. I think her favorite is blueberry yogurt. She went from walking to running within two weeks. She loves anything music related {singing, dancing, instruments} especially ring around the Rosie.

She’s napping in her crib about 2 hours everyday at 11 and in bed for the night at 8:00. She’s still waking up once a night to nurse. I’m still nursing, and not because I’m trying to reach some weird breastfeeding goal but just because it still feels normal for us. At one Timmy self weaned instantly so this is new for me but I’m just going with the flow. She nurses morning, before nap, before bed and around midnight.

She loves my Dad which is surprising because I would have never thought that would be her favorite person. Literally she is glued to him so he nick-named her “Velcro” Anything she does makes him laugh. I’m pretty sure she’s the favorite which is OK because I think Timmy is my moms favorite.


She started taking an interest in baby dolls and it’s so sweet to see her dragging them around the house and giving kisses. She gives the sweetest kisses and she gives then to everyone. She’s really sweet and such a snuggler.

Her first birthday photo shoot came out amazing. Here are our favorites:











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