Sweet Memories

Today there was a dead bird in the road. Timmy got so angry and says you know what I bet I know who did this and don’t worry mom I will be having a word with them.

Timmy doesn’t like our frig because the ice maker is too noisy. Says it’s gonna wake up Grace. He just told me to try calling 772-frig-makers and get it fixed.

So I turned my backyard into a water park on a budget… these kids were singing my praises. I actually got this, “Mom thanks for buying this pool we really appreciate it!” Just 12 bucks for all this magical fun!

Added some shampoo and pool turned bath just like that.

Day 2. More dirt. Pool falling apart. Kids could care less.​


Dube Waterpark 2.0 is Swings + Sprinkler! Apparently the tiny friends are baaacccckkkk. Grace says her tiny friends are on her head taking a tour and her hair is their buckle and Timmy’s tiny friends are trying to turn the water off but they’re too small 😳

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