Mommy Son Dance

I was sooo excited for this! & so was Timmy. All day he was counting down until we could leave. I am so blessed to be his mama. He really is the sweetest thing. He has the biggest heart and his laugh just lights up the room.

I love any time that I can pour into just one child. Really give them all my love and make them feel so special. In the middle of dancing he stops and says mommy I love spending time with you. It doesn’t get better than this.

The boys had the best time. Little dancing fools. Especially once the sugar kicked in. I love my city. They really went all out. Baby blue cupcakes, candy bar, & juice for the boys. Chicken wings & veggies for the moms. 

Did I say I love my City!! They posted these pictures this morning.

On our way home I said Timmy I love spending this time with you & he saysss, “Me too mom but I really miss Grace.”

I’m so lucky to be the mom of these sweet children.

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