Homeschool: The Letter C and Colors

This week was a lot of fun. I wanted to focus on Colors because Timmy is having trouble with Red and Yellow.

I made some colored rice and it was a major hit {and a major mess}. Surprisingly there’s still some left in the container. This kept my kids quiet for a long time. We had a bunch of white rice because one of our dogs had a stomach bug. So with the uncooked leftovers I divided it into 4 ziplock bags, added white vinegar and food coloring, then spread it out to dry on a cutting board. Was dry in 30 minutes. It was too easy.





For our field trip we went to the zoo. I had Timmy tell me the colors of each animal and count how many were in each enclosure. Something I didn’t know this zoo had was a huge indoor sand box set up for fossil digging. That was fun and we also practiced some C’s in the sand. The highlight of the trip for the kids was the snakes and the meer cats.






We practiced C’s on our whiteboard and Timmy did an awesome job!


We separated fruit loops by color. Gracie ate them as we went.


Next we did some bread painting. This was really fun for the kids. It’s just milk and food coloring painted onto bread and then we toasted it with some peanut butter and ate up. Timmy is already asking to do it again.






The book that we read every day was Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes. I love reading one book for the whole week because by the end if the week Timmy can read the whole book to us for bedtime. We read some other color books we had in the house too.


We separated colored Pom poms into their colored cups. Timmy used tweezers and Gracie did her own thing.






This wasn’t as exciting as I thought it would be. I spread koolaid powder in card stock and had Timmy use a water gun to make a picture. The problem was that purple koolaid looks more black than purple so it just looked like dirty water. Timmy loved the water gun though.



I think the most successful learning of the week happened on the twister mat. We sorted the colored Legos onto their matching colored circles and after we played Timmy’s version of the game which is jumping from color to color.



Thousands of robins show up in our yard the same time every year. I think we are one of their stops on their winter flight south. They eat all the pink berries and are on their way a few hours later. Timmy was fascinated by them. While Grace napped we laid on the driveway and bird watched.



This week we also added some new pets to the Dube household. My brother bought us an Ant Farm. I think we’ve all been amazed by their hard work.


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