Grace is a Toddler

You know that crazy mom jumping up and down and making crazy sounds attempting to get her kids to smile and look at the camera at the same time? I used to be her.. Jusssst kidding I’m still her 😂

I need some new go to sounds because these kids are not responding to pleas to get a good picture.

This is the best I got today.



Me and a Grace had a heart to heart about bow wearing. She definitely heard me out because that bow stayed in all day.

Today was eye opening for me. It was the first time Grace didn’t sit in my lap at Storytime, she didn’t want to sit with me at the mall play area and she didn’t cry when I dropped her off at the gym kids club.

Today Grace grew up.

Everytime I go to the library Storytime I beg her to go play with the other kids and at the gym I pray she doesn’t cry for me.. Well now that’s it’s actually happening I’m like hold up wait a minute! Where is my baby girl? She is officially a toddler. I love watching her act like one of the big kids and I smile but I’m a little bit sad.

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