Well Check ups

Soooo I’m a little behind on my kids well check ups. Grace will be 18 months in 2 weeks but this was technically her 15 month checkup and Timmy was 3 in December but hmm here we are.

Timmy weighed 38 pound and he’s 40 inches. That’s 2 inches in one month! He’s been totally obsessed with growing bigger, eating me out of house and home and asking me to measure him everyday. Well it worked! All I hear in my mind is MORE Disney rides!!!

He’s on track with everything else. He talked so much to Every. Single. Person. The doctor asked me if he was in daycare because his language and social skills were so good.

Now poor Grace. Feeling a little subpar in the mommy department with Gracie’s report. She’s only 20 pounds 13 ounces which is third percentile. The dr isn’t too concerned but they are gonna watch it. She’s 33 1/2 inches tall and in the 90th percentile! She’s on her 3rd week of an ear infection and 4th round of antibiotics. Seems like nothing is helping her get better. Then the worst part is she’s anemic. So we are really focusing on her diet and she’s on an iron supplement. She really eats good but in the tiniest amounts. I don’t know how to increase her appetite other than to quit breastfeeding but I don’t think Grace will go for it. Once this ear infection clears up I think it’s time for weaning but I’ve said that a couple thousand times…

Anyways on the positive Grace shows zero signs of developmental issues and she’s a talking machine. When the doctor was leaving the room Grace waved and said byebye Doctor without any prompt from me. Her voice is the sweetest. My favorite word out of her mouth lately is thankyou.

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