Strawberry Picking

While the rest of the world is freezing their booties off, we are over here picking strawberries in 70 degree weather. Pretty crazy.

By 4:30am Timmy was already up asking if it was time to go to Aunt Jessicas. He’s a little bit in love with her. As soon as we get to her house even Gracie starts yelling “Jessica’s house” and she’s not even facing forward to see it but she just knows by the loud squeals coming from her brother.

Our kids play so nice together. Feels so old school just letting the cousins run wild in the yard while we chit chat. I crave that time with her and I can’t wait for my other sisters to start popping out some more cousins 😁.

Seeing the farm made me want to run home and start working on my own garden. Tomatoes and strawberries galore. Timmy loved it but grace stayed in the Ergo because sister was wearing a white dress and it was really muddy soooo yea.





Then we got some much needed grandma and Aunt Sam time 😍.

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