Homeschool: Easter

A lot of this weeks focus was on behavior. Terrible two’s have hit an all time high. Timmy is hitting and talking back. I’m not gonna lie, I have no clue what to do about it. Right now I’m doing time out but he does it so much that I find myself too exhausted to follow thru every time.

On a positive note, new manners he’s picked up are “I’m sorry” and “God bless you” when someone sneezes. It’s adorable.

This week there was a lot of reading going on. We started with going to the library and picking up some theme related books. I want to start doing this with every new week. Each day we read a couple of verses about Holy Week from the Read and Learn Bible. This is my favorite so far of all the children’s Bibles.

We really talked a lot about Jesus’ cross and it was really sweet to hear him point out his cross projects around the house.

First was a egg carton cross. You need an18 count egg carton so that it’s big enough for the cross and then some paint. I thought this was a great project and Timmy really enjoyed it.




We also made a cross with Timmy’s hand going down in purple paint and Gracie’s handprints going across. I did this on canvas so it might become permanent decoration in this house.


I made a bunny mask out of a paper plate, construction paper and pipe cleaners. Then we hopped around the house like bunnies. Now he wants to hop everywhere. And when he went to see the Easter bunny, first thing he said was “Bunny hop hop” so I think he got this lesson.


I love handprint/footprint anything of my babies so we made footprint carrots for an Easter decoration. I’m in love with it and the kids got a kick out of me painting their feet. Wipes have become a staple with paint supplies, makes clean up very quick and easy.



Timmy also did some circle painting with plastic Easter eggs.



His masterpiece:


I brought out the safety scissors and was excited to see some progress. There were definitely cuts in this paper. I don’t think he’s ready to cut lines but he has made big improvements since a couple of weeks ago.


He also worked on lacing beads which eventually {like everything else} turned into lassoing beads. He is all about being a cowboy. You even hear him saying “Yeehaw!”



He took coloring to new level and decided he was going to use his feet instead of his hands.


It’s 4:30 am Easter morning, I better go check to see if that Easter bunny made it to our house yet!

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