Easter Celebrations

Everything about Easter was perfect. It was 24 hours of pure happiness.

Erica and Victoria made their confirmation at the Easter Vigil. I was so honored to be part of this special ceremony. Luckily they had a kid room because it was 3 hours long. They had us walk into the church with candles and it was all quiet until you hear Timmy say, “Mommy where are you?” Tim had his hands full with both kids but Thomas and Sam came to his rescue. He said he couldn’t have done it without them.


The kids looked so adorable in their Sunday best.




We woke up at 5am Easter morning for sunrise mass at our own church. Probably sounds alittle crazy to do with a baby and a 2 year old but I really want to start traditions that teach the true meaning of the holiday. It was well worth it to celebrate with our church family. Timmy kept the mood light by yelling out that Father Victor got him all wet when he walked around with the baptism water wand and then when it was really quiet and the wind knocked over the cross you heard a loud, “UH OH!” It was really beautiful to start in the dark and then leave in the light.



The kids went back to sleep until 9:00 and then we opened Easter baskets and hunted for Easter eggs. Timmy was very excited about all the candy. I think he’s going to have a sweet tooth like his Daddy. Grace didn’t know any better but she still joined in all the fun. I was impressed with Timmy’s hunting skills, he knew exactly what he was doing.







The kids played with Daddy while I finished up my baking. I made strawberry cake cookies and banana pudding with peanut butter cookies. Both a first for me and both a huge hit!


Here’s the recipe:


The kids took a special Easter bath {mrs lauryns idea} and had so much fun!



Then we were off to Aunt Erica’s. This was her first time hosting Easter and it was amazing. The food was delicious. All the kids played great. Thomas even caught Timmy a lizard! Samantha curled everyone’s hair. The adults played a trivia game. Max and Grace hung out in the play pen. Her house just has the perfect set up for having parties.







I can’t say enough about what a great day it was. We are truly blessed.

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