Simple Days

Sometimes just doing the simple, ordinary things can make life feel so peaceful. {at least for me it does}

I found these two sleepy heads all snuggled up this morning.


When we went to water the garden we were very surprised to see a big yellow flower.


And I’m sad to report that we buzzed Timmy’s hair. No more sweet curls but I think it’s better for this hot weather.


And he got his first lollipop!


Then we went to the park and I just can’t stand how big he is. I couldn’t believe that next to me on the swings was my own son.


He is crazy about slides. This child is fearless and I can’t wait until I can take him on big kid rides to show him what it’s all about.


Then it was home for lunch and naptime. Even mommy napped!!

After we went to the library to check out some Easter books and a homeschooling guide. Timmy stole a train book from another kid and I felt bad but there was no way Timmy was giving up that book.



Yesterday we got a surprise visitor..MEMAW!! Timmy was so excited. Seeing them play together at the park was the best. Timmy left her high and dry though on the big kid slide lol.


Gracie tested out the swings again.


So pretty much we’ve been doing just everyday things and sometimes those are the sweetest times.


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