I’m a little overwhelmed to find out Timmy has asthma but relieved that we finally know why he is always sick.

Now he’s on a nebulizer every 6 hours for a week and then they are going to re-evaluate. He is terrified of the machine. He cried then I cried, it was a mess. I think he thinks we are trying to poison him. This mornings treatment went easier because I let him hold a gummy bear until it was over and then let him eat it.

They also changed his allergy medicine. I feel so bad loading him up with all this medicine. The good thing is the nebulizer works instantly and last night was probably his first cough free night in months.

UPDATE: tonight’s treatment went so well. He held the mouth piece himself and almost finished the whole thing. Brought daddy to tears. I can’t imagine {and I don’t want to} what it must be like to have a child that is seriously sick. Seeing Timmy using this machine gives me an eerie feeling. It reminds me to thank God for these healthy babies and to say a prayer the parents who are praying for their babies to get well.



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