Baby #3 Update

We got our first ultrasound! Seriously felt like Christmas morning waiting for that doctor appointment. Everything looks good and we heard the heartbeat loud and clear. 

 sooooo adorable! 13 weeks 6 days official due date is August 4th!

My sweet children also were awaiting their own ultrasound because surprise they are both pregnant too. 😂 but that was a no go.

How I wish my hair was done for this picture but we keeps it real. This is my forever hair do lately. I’m only 13 weeks here and I’m certain that looks like a 6 month belly. 

My kids are already so in love. Grace is very concerned about where the baby goes to the bathroom. She wants me to wear diapers.

They both will play with and kiss my belly and bring toys to put under my shirt for the baby to play with. It’s very much real for them.

I feel like they get it more than I do. It’s harder this time around to really feel pregnant. I’m already 14 weeks and I know that I am pregnant but there’s not that ah ha moment of omg this is really happening. With 2 kids I guess there’s just not alot of time to sit around and ponder this pregnancy. I blinked and I’m in the second trimester.

It hasn’t kept me from shopping tho! Bought the kids big brother, big sister shirts for the hospital and now I’m waiting on the funds to buy the baby its hospital outfit. It’s gonna be all white. If I could turn everything all white I’d be happy. I think I’m going germaphobe in my old age. All thing white please.

She can not wait to be a big sister ❤️

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