Homeschool Letter V

V is for Valentine. The kids are very excited about this mostly because a lot of our activities involve candy.

For church playgroup our valentines party was all about how much Jesus loves them. We played the “Jesus Loves Me” song and made this puzzle piece craft. 

 Then they made an arrow with their name on it. 

For snack the kids decorated cookies and brought them to the Father Ulto and his office staff. They are all so enthusiastic with the kids you could tell the kids were all so proud. 


Yesterday was Ash Wednesday. We went to mass with our playgroup friends to get ashes and then we went to the nursing home to hand out Valentine cards. 

Look what difference a year makes! 

We did some candy math. They had to guess how many hearts fit into a big heart. They both guessed 5.  


Life has been very busy since my dad moved back in with us. So yesterday we didn’t start school until 5PM! But hey we still dos something.

We traced the letter Vv and did a handwriting worksheet. Timmy does these perfectly now and of course Grace is still just learning. 

We filled out a worksheet about what they love. I’m gonna try to do this every year. 

Then we made Valentine cards to send to their friends. 

 So yesterday 5pm and today 6AM lol. Some days my kids wake up begging for homeschool to start.

This morning we sorted candy by color.  


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