Grace is 2 1/2

Big news! We are officially potty trained. No more diapers in this house until July. It is so amazing to me. 
In other news Grace finally has a big girl room. It’s my favorite room in the house now probably because it’s clean. 

She totally loves it too and hasn’t yet fallen out.  

She weighs 28.5 pounds and she’s 36 inches! She loves her hair braided like Elsa. She loves to sing. She makes up her own songs and she sings LOUD. She eats cheese like its candy. She’s not picky at all. Swinging is her ultimate favorite thing to do. If you read her one book be prepared to lead twenty. She has just recently taken to tv. Her favorite show is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She really thinks the show is asking for her help. She runs to the tv to pick the mouskatool.  Her favorite movies are Frozen, 101 Dalmations and Dumbo. She cries at every movie. She’s very concerned about the puppies getting cold and the mama elephant. She is still super mom. You will catch her any day of the week with her 10 babies being dressed and fed. Now that we are starting to take out things for our real new baby, her babies are using them and she puts the music on for them and everything.  

 It’s not all sweetness tho. She is what they kindly call strong willed. She knows what she wants and beware if you get in her way. Rolling her eyes at me comes very natural to her. She bites. Only Timmy tho which is good and bad. If she bit other kids I’d have to lock myself in this house. She’s not the kind of kid you worry about getting picked on. She has an attack mode lol. 

Regardless of their occasional fights, Timmy is her most favoritest person. They play all day. Pretend play in high gear. There are days where they are both dogs, eating out of bowls on the floor. It is the best show to watch. Nothing makes me happier then the love they have for each other. It’s like they live in their own world.

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