Sweet Memories

Grace spent a lot of today kidding my belly. She showed me where the boy baby is and where the girl baby is. Hmmmmm..

Tomorrow is my first doctor appointment and hopefully we get to hear that little heartbeat. I explained to the kids that we are going to the doctor to check on the baby. They have lots of concerns. One being are they going to use a knife and two how can I get there because the babies need a car seat. I told them the babies were safe in the belly and I could still drive but they aren’t buying it. Timmy suggests we just walk there.

In hair news, Gracie got a real braid tonight after her bath. I’m always celebrating hair milestones lol. 

Timmy asked if he could take his game it to his room and play by himself. He’s starting to want his alone time. I can’t stand it. He’s getting so big. Look at that face like what are you doing in here mom?


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