Mommy & Timmy Slumber Party

Tim has started what I thought to be a bad habit of laying next to Timmys bed every night until he falls asleep. So every night after stories and prayers, Timmy says, “Daddy are you going to help me?” He’s really only in there for 10 minutes and he falls right to sleep.

But when Tim has to work late and misses bedtime.. It’s a disaster! Timmy screams at the top of his lungs every excuse in the book. He’s hungry, thirsty, needs to go potty and then it’s I’m scared. I’m a sucker for that one because well I get scared too when Daddy isn’t home. So I scoop him up and let him sleep in my bed. 

Bad parenting right? Maybe not.

When you have more than one kid you lose so much of that one on one time with your kids. So what if it’s at 10:30 at night? This boy was so happy to snuggle up under my covers, grabbing my face and telling me he loves me soooo much. Telling me, “See mommy I’m not scared anymore!” and “You’re the best Mommy ever!”

Who could say no to that? 

And if I had, I would have missed out on this special one on one time. I wonder if that’s  what my husbands idea is behind laying with Timmy every night. That man is smart.

Slumber party selfies!

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