Sweet Memories

Today when I had to yell at Timmy not to kick his sister in the head he ran off saying, “I’m running away forever!” I thought this was a little dramatic and way premature. Isn’t it early for my son to be running away? He’s only 3!

Gracies new obsession is watching her baby on the monitor. Sometimes there’s not even a baby doll in her crib but she watches that baby like its her job, constantly updating me on the baby’s sleeping situation. 

For Saint Patricks Day we did nothing festive but I did make some green pancakes for the kids. Grace was a little less than amused by the gesture.

I looove having my sister Sam here. It’s like having a second mother for the kids. And when she plays with them it’s for real, like she is actually totally into it for herself. Making cakes in the pretend kitchen, painting like she’s Picasso.. I think the kids really appreciate that all in kinda playtime.

Major plus. After this paint session, she bathed them and cleaned up all the paint! What a blessing.

Then of course there’s Gracies latest fashion trends:

One sock, pajama shorts, 3 t-shirts and a bow!

Or a zebra headband and Timmys grasshopper shirt on top of her pjs.

We call it hamper diving now. Sometimes it’s clean clothes andddd sometimes not. You just never know.

But this is what it’s all about. Nothing convinces me more to have like ten, twelve kids than these moments.

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