Today’s menu: Mud Pies

Mmm yum!

It was really fun to watch it all play out but I’m guessing the clean up won’t be. I’ll let you know whenever that happens 🙊

It rained yesterday and filled the outside toy kitchen sink with water. We have a mole in the yard that was busy yesterday because there were little dirt mounds everywhere. 

The perfect storm. I watched as Timmys mind put it all together. 

“Mommy! Look! I’m cooking.” He went on to tell me that everyone was coming over and that this pie was for Uncle Tom and Aunt Sam.  That’s the cost for being the favorites. 😊

Can it get any grosser? Yes.

When the pie started getting a little too dry they went to the dogs water dish and filled up toy cups. Grace didn’t get the memo that the water was for the mud pie and before I could get over to her she was taking a sip. Ahhhh!

The chef & Sous Chef:

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