Sweet Memories

Grace came into my room tonight with a bunch of questions: Mom who did you play with when you were a kid, what kind of toys did you have, what shows did you watch? When I told her I played with my sisters she couldn’t understand why I still didn’t live with them because sisters live together. Funny how when you’re a kid you don’t realize that we don’t live together forever. & sad at the same time. She wanted to watch the Same shows I used to watch but Eurekas Castle isn’t on anymore lol. I found it on YouTube and we watched an episode of that and muppet babies and she she fell asleep in my arms. Such a sweet end to our day.

I’m burnt to a crisp. Only in Florida to you get a summer sunburn in late October. Luckily Dr Timmy lives here. He is just the sweetest. He brought my ice water and kept feeding it to me and touching my skin insisting I still needed more to cool down. “Mom what else can I do for you?” I could eat him up.

Lydia is selective with her lovin. Sometimes you ask her for a kiss and you get a big ole wet one, other times it’s quick shake of the head nooooooo. She thinks she’s so funny.

Grace just asked me if I knew who Santas girlfriend was. Lol

Lydia says Ready Set Gooooo

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