A Spooky Halloween

This year Timmy picked our theme and he wanted it to be spooky. Which makes zero sense because the boy is afraid of his own shadow. My kids think Snow White is scary so this should be interesting.

Timmy is a Vampire, Grace is a witch and Lydia is a cat.

Lydia is probably not going to love these photos when she gets older but she makes for the cutest little booty pumpkin.

All she wants to do is eat the pumpkins and Grace for real ate them when we were carving. Is that normal & safe? I do not know.

Timmy was very serious about this pumpkin thing because he wants the seeds for his garden. He plants everything these days.

Which brings me to this video. I had such high hopes for the magic of this idea..until he found the price tag. Oops.

Well we tried. Lol

We went to the Pumpkin Patch on the most beautiful Florida day. Look at these cute littles in their boots. I love it so much I want to hang it in my house. Reminds me how me and Tim met country line dancing and now we have three kids rocking their cowboy boots.

We went through the corn maze and on a hayride. Then we played in the pumpkin patch and I loaded them all into a wagon for a ride.

Check out this new little pumpkin! Presentinggggg Benjamin Bayer.

Grace and Max are the cutest. The love is real!

We made some bat snacks for Aunt Erica’s growing bump too. Pretty soon between me and my sisters we could open our own school with all our kids.

Total Pinterest fail was this crayon melting pumpkin. It’s hard work and the wax goes everywhere.

Ahhhh mummies!

We invited some Jesus into our pumpkin celebration too.

And just more photos of Lydia being the cutest baby ever!

We rocked Trunk or Treat! My whole family came up even Sam’s boyfriend did a trunk and the two of them totally had the best trunks!

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