Homeschool Week 8

It’s Halloween week! Sorta. Halloween is on a Tuesday so everything is happening this week.

We had a lot of pumpkin fun learning. First we did a pumpkin investigation. It was awesome. They had to guess how many lines, the circumference, the height in cubes, the weight and whether the pumpkin would float.

Then we tested all our guesses. The kids love this kind of work.

We also did a pumpkin life cycle craft that my friend so graciously gave us from her tpt store. That website is the best invention ever.

We wrote down what Timmy knew about pumpkins.

We drew Halloween word pictures to match these letter sounds.

We made pumpkin playdoh with pumpkin purée.

For our Stewardship Club we had a Halloween parade at the local nursing home.

Timmy learned read a Level 1 book – Clifford’s Halloween Parade. He’s a great reader. It is so excited to see him putting it all together.

Timmy drew a map of the adventure he wants to take for his 18th birthday. He has big plans. First we sail the ocean, then hike the jungle, cross the Great Wall of china and then to Australian to see kangaroos.

In his kitchen class he learned how to crack and egg and peal a hard boiled egg.

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