Homeschool Week 7

Lots going on this week! Monday is Columbus Day and it’s Fire Safety Week.

My Busy Hive Club was all things Christopher Columbus. The kids had the best time. We started the party tracing and cutting out our Columbus hats and then decorating toilet paper telescopes.

How cute are those kids! Next we did a sink or float experiment. The kids made their guesses and then we tested it out together.

For snack we made apple boats with fruit leather sails. While they ate I read to them some facts about Christopher Columbus.

Next each kid had to make a boat out of tin foil. I remember doing this as a kid. I had a pretend ocean in our sandbox and I printed a map of Spain on one end of our “ocean” and the Bahamas on the other end. I showed the kids on our globe how far Columbus sailed. Then it was their turn to race toward the Bahamas. Using straws they raced their boats with a partner.

Last thing we did was see which boat could hold the most weight by adding pennies. It really was a super successful day.

To celebrate Fire Safety Week we went to visit our fire station. They put on such a nice tour. One guy gets all suited up and shows the kids not to be afraid if they see someone dressed like that. Which I never thought of because I bet had they never seen a fire fighter before it would be scary. They talked about crawling under smoke, calling 911 and emergency plans. Each kid was sent home with blueprint paper to draw up an emergency plan.

This is Timmy’s devotional journal. It says The Lord keeps us safe. We are full of joy because of Him. He drew a fire truck because it talked about safety.

We ended the week with a cooking lesson. Mini chocolate chip pumpkin loafs.

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