Homeschool Week 6

It’s October!!! We are learning about creepy crawlers and depending who you ask frogs can totally be considered creepy crawlers. I wasn’t planning on including frogs but it’s been raining a lot so we are inundated with tadpoles. We talked about different habitats and I let them create the perfect home for our new babies. Then we did a frog life cycle craft.

We have a Mysteries of Nature book and I let them each pick a page that they wanted to learn more about. Grace picked a Venus Flytrap and Timmy picked a Sea Cucumber. Both super gross actually. Sea Cucumbers puke out all their organs to scare off predators. Ick.

We went on a field trip to Uncle Matts printing shop and made credit cards. The kids loved it. They learned that that 4 colors make up all the color in a printer; cyan, magenta, yellow and black.

We watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and then had a little chocolate fondue snack.

It seriously rained everyday so we went for a walk in the rain. They thought I was so awesome.

We finished Charlotte’s Web and did this cute spider craft. Then we talked about spiders.

We also made some edible mud with pudding and made a mess of our Wilbur craft.

Grace is doing really well with her letter sounds and Timmy is just getting into money lessons in his math book.

We read Room on the Broom a million times. I love it. Then the kids made handprint witches.

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