Homeschool Week 6

This week we learned all about farm animals. We talked about what animals belong on a farm and which ones belong in a zoo. Grace says there’s always room for a unicorn on a zoo.

I’m really impressed with their cutting skills and the fact that that grace hasn’t tried to cut her hair.

Timmy had to match the animal word to its corresponding picture. I was so proud watching him sound out the words and complete this worksheet by himself.

We learned what each animal provides for us. We were not thrilled to find out how bacon is made.

Then these lucky kids took a tour of a real farm. We chased the chickens around, visited with a pig and got up close & personal with a mama cow and her calf.

It was so awesome because we had just read the part in Charlottes Web describing what Wilbur was eating and this pig was eating some of the same.

The kids were able to feed the cows, learn how to milk a cow and then they gave them baths.

Grandma bought them Mexican jumping beans and boy are these things noisy.

For math Grace had to roll a dice and cross off the numbers as she went. 

Timmy’s lessons are focusing on first, middle, last and graphing.

For art they drew cows with chalk and then I gave Timmy a sight work spelling test. Gracie’s cow has a huge head and Timmy’s has an itty bitty head.

We went to the museum with our homeschool group. Grace was really into the microscope. The boys loved the shadow room and the life size pin art.

I’m so excited about all the friends we are making. Here’s some of our homeschool group. 

At coop Timmy kitchen class took a group photo and the learned how to make a salad.

I snuck some pictures of Grace at yoga.

Timmy sculpted wedding cups for Victoria  & Brandons wedding…

Then we had a really nice day at the beach fountains with our new friends.

We are half way through Charlottes Web but it will lead right into our next unit of Creepy Crawlers since Charlotte is a spider and Templeton is a rat. It’s the small things that excite me.

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