Homeschool Week 5

Our next unit study is combined Farm & Apples because Hurricane Irma messed up our plans.

Every year I have a Johnny Appleseed party. This year I had it with our Busy Hive Club homeschool group.

Here are our 10 mini Johnny’s with their tin pot hats and apple seed satchels. 

I stayed up all night making apple pie scented playdoh. I wonder if these kiddos will ever remember these small details that I worry about.

When all our little guests arrived I had them make apples with the green and red dough. While they molded little apples I shared with them some facts about Johnny.

Then we taste tested red delicious, Granny Smith, applesauce & apple juice to see which was the class favorite.

After that the kids took their seed bags and went outside to plant their pretend orchards.

We even learned how to bob for apples. Look at Grace with her foot in the air like a little princess.

It was a pretty successful day.

When everyone left we did our math lessons. We are really enjoying Horizons math. It’s very simple to use. Grace learns a new number and shape every other day for review and we have started beginner addition.

That night was the first night of religion class. This is Gracie’s very first year. She was very nervous being in the class alone. They learned about how God is the creator of all things and that everything is a gift from Him.

On Tuesday we had our Marine Biology coop with Loggerhead. We met at Dubois beach park to learn about ecosystems. The teacher gave the kids little field notes workbooks to draw the habitats they saw.

Then the teacher took them into the water to talk about the importance of mangroves.

The kids spotted a hermit crab and it was all they could talk about. They all wanted to take it home.

Then we went out onto a dock to take water samples and look at plankton under magnify glasses. We even saw a baby puffer fish. It was so adorable.

That night we had ballet & acrobatics.

Wednesday was our first day of Coops. Timmy is taking a cooking class, PE and reading. Grace is in a storytime craft class, Gods Little Explorers class and yoga. It was great to see them have their freedom and get a good report about how sweet and polite they both were.

It’s also a great time for me to be with just Lydia. She made a little friend in the nursery room. She loved him so much and he wasn’t having any of it.

After, I took them to Chikfila for lunch and they played for 2 hours in the play area while Lydia napped. I got so much planning done.

Thursday was a wash. Grace came down with the flu and I ended up cleaning all day. Later in the afternoon Timmy did an apple word search and sight word coloring page. He knows 15 sight words. Every week we learn three new words.

Grace stayed sleeping for the rest of the night so I started reading with Timmy his easy readers. He’s so smart. He picked it up right away.

I was a little disappointed in myself that I didn’t plan anything special for the first day of fall and then I woke up Friday and learned that the first day of Fall was Friday not Thursday sooooo crisis averted.

We had a full day of fall themed learning. We read a book about why leaves turn colors. We went on a hunt for our own fall leaves. Surprisingly we did have some fallen brown leaves and some yellow. But of course Florida does not offer these kids the real feel of fall so we have to make our own. We picked some green leaves and painted them red, yellow and orange. We talked about chlorophyll and how the days begin to get shorter in fall. I really wish I could drive them into some pretty fall views.

The pictures of this activity are so blog worthy. Look how the book and paints are perfectly placed. I’m laughing at myself right now. I hope I’m not screwing these kids up too bad with my picture taking obsession. The more I try to quit the more I snap. But mmm they are so cute!

It’s the beginning of the best time of the year and I’m so excited for it all.

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