Sweet Memories

Timmy: Mommy how divstars stay in space and not fall. I tell him that sometimes they do fall we call them shooting stars. And he says ohhhh yes they are then starfish. 

Then I had to tell him the shooting stars are actually not stars. Oops.

My kids got married. Like invitations, a ceremony, cake, rings, dancing, even a white dress. No expense was spared on this pretend wedding. These two are too cute and they will probably go nuts when they see these videos in the future. 


We were at the intracoastal and the water was smelly. Grace says you know why it smells Mommy, because alligators have bad breath. They must be all in this water.

Lydia’s new word is Denver. She crawls around the house screaming it over and over again. Poor dog, always in trouble.

Lydia also has figured out how fun toilet paper and she couldn’t be more proud.

Lydia learned to eat with a fork and if she likes what she’s eating she says mmmmm with every bite.​

​These three. 

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