Homeschool Week 4 & Hurricane Irma

We started off strong with our routine of singing and dancing and playing with our new instruments. 

We did lots of art paintings.

We had a lesson on telling time. 

& then this happened.

So for the rest of the week we obsessed over whether or not to escape this storm, prepared all our supplies and panicked some. We ultimsteky decided to stay home and ride it out. We got through it with very little damage and only 5 hours of no power. No formal school got done but there was learning.

We met up with our friends at the park before the storm hit.

I let the kids help bring in all the the outside toys and furniture. They love working.

Daddy read to them four chapters of Charlottes Web by flashlight.

We played every board game me own. I taught Timmy how to play chess and checkers. We talked a lot about about being a good winner and a good loser.

We were builders.

We talked about how during an emergency like a hurricane it’s important to make sure your neighbors are safe and to help who you can.

I surprised them with 2 furry hurricane evacuees. Chilly and Chipper are originally from Texas. They traveled to Florida to escape the flood waters of Hurricane Harvey only to be met by Hurricane Irma. They are staying with us until their foster mom gets back settled in her house because she lives in an evacuation zone.

They were so excited to help take care of these puppies. And it is a good lead into our next them about farm life. Animal care is fun and exciting in the beginning but it is also work. We can’t have chickens here but between our 2 dogs, these 2 puppies, the bunny, the lizard, the turtle and the fish these kids are getting a little taste of animal responsibility. And we might be getting some kittens too!

Me and Timmy had some serious games of old school Mario.

And we snuggled ALOT! 

We went to Hoffman’s Chocolate Factory for a field trip. Such a yummy trip. We made chocolate pizzas, then we watched a video about how chocolate is made and got a tour of the factory. Then ice cream! 

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