Holiday Jammies

My name is Laura and I have a problem. That’s the first step right?

I looooove pajamas on my kids. Some days, ok most days, we stay in them all day.

Last night we broke out the Valentine ones & they did not disappoint!

Those were the precious ones.. Now here are the out takes because you know what they tell the story more clearly. & honestly I’m tired of trying to get that perfect picture. Attempting to get 3 pretty smiles is witch craft. & when I say pretty, dont think I dont love all their smiles but lets be real you can totally tell the difference between their forced crazy smiles and Timmy’s “are you serious mom?” smiles, compared to their happy fun smiles. Lydia loves the camera tho. I just have to look in her direction and shes losing her mind with laughter. We are completely in love with each other.

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