Christmas 2016

This year was so magical. Timmy and Grace are at that perfect age and whats more magical than a snuggly little baby.

Santa was very good to these munchkins. Timmy got K’nex, magic tricks and a LIZARD! Grace opened a baby doll that eats & poops, an easy bake oven and a princess bike! In her stocking was the singing flower she asked for. Santa had some help from Aunt Erica with that one. Lydia got a pink swing for the playset, a minnie mouse walker and a mermaid bath toy. Santa brings each kid 3 gifts because in this house if 3 gifts were good enough for baby Jesus then its good enough for us.  

Our Christmas cards this year came out sooooo cute if I must say so myself. But real talk it was hard work to pull off. It took several days to do because the kids can only handle so much of my photography.

Ok I have the cutest kids ever!

Theres so much more to write about but the kitchen is calling my name.

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