Gracie’s 1/2 birthday

Yesterday Grace turned 6 months old! She gets sweeter everyday. Though last night she woke up at 2am and wanted to party. She didn’t go back to sleep. She’s napping now and it’s 11:00.

She weighs 17 pounds and 12 ounces. So far she’s tried bananas and last night I gave her a taste of mashed potatoes. And by taste I mean the teeniest tiniest piece.

She’s sitting up by herself and she moves all around but not yet crawling, at least not forward. She kinda crawls backwards. Her first word was Dada and he was a very proud daddy.

She adores Timmy and they have started to play together and had their first fight over a toy. She loves the see and say and she loves books.

No teeth yet but we are definitely teething. She has the sweetest giggle.

She says no way to bottles and she is a big time mamas girl. When someone tickles Timmy she thinks he’s getting hurt and she cries with her bottom lip out and big crocodile tears. It’s so sweet. She really loves him. She would rather watch Timmy than even eat! So it’s hard to breastfeed if he’s around.









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