Weekend Update

Grace only wants her mama. All the time. I love it but I think Daddy is feeling alittle left out so we are working on some Grace and Daddy alone time.

Tonight Timmy wanted to be held like a baby and had me hold his sippy like a bottle. It was really sweet pretending with him. He kept trying to put his finger up my nose and I would move and he would laugh and laugh.

Yesterday was our valentine shoot and it went amazing! I can’t wait to get them back. We got a sneak peek and it’s adorable!

Today Tim took the bills over and I feel so relieved. Money is hard to manage when there’s more bills than money. But Tim sat me down and told me that what we have money can’t buy. First of all we have each other and then we have these beautiful healthy happy babies. Sometimes the stress of money brings me to tears but I know God will always provide what we need. Now I can focus more on the kids without the worry of money.

Last night everyone came up and we went to a bonfire. Timmy rode a pony and went on a bounce house slide over and over again thanks to Uncle Tom and Aunt Sam. They had a nice band and a hayride. It was just so nice us all being together.


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