First food, growing up & sibling love

Grace will be 6 months on the 29th but she is so ready for food. She is always grabbing at Timmy’s anything so tonight we gave her a frozen banana to gnaw on bc I thought it would also feel good on her gums. The girl is a fan! I can’t believe this sweet little baby is growing so fast that she’s already eating food.

My kids adore each other and it brings me so much happiness. I was writing out thank you cards and I hear the sweetest giggle and then an all out belly laugh and there’s Timmy hugging and tickling little grace. She think he is the best thing and she’s probably right! He is such a sweet brother.

Our friend Dawn sent me a picture of Timmy and Cade, it must have been right after Timmy’s first birthday. I feel very emotional about it bc in the picture he still had that baby look and now he’s clearly turning into a boy. I miss my baby.

I spend every minute of every day with my kids and it never feels like enough time.

Today my dad surprised me and went to the store and bought all my favorite things and all Timmy’s favorite things, warms my heart.

This morning I was really bummed out between waking up to a screaming boy at 5:30 not falling asleep until 4:09 because of a hungry girl and a messy house and not enough money to pay the bills and the list goes on. I decided to take the advice of some of the Christian books Ive been reading and get some alone time with God. Timmy went down for a nap and I laid grace in her play pen and I prayed for rest. And rest was what I got. I took a little nap and woke up to my dads little surprise, straightened out the house and enjoyed some play time with my kids. I am truly blessed.





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