It’s the small things

Happiness is watching Timmy color, or hearing Tim sing “Amazing Grace” to Gracie.

It’s picking ripe tomatoes from the garden, or seeing Grace so carefully put Cheerios in her mouth.

It’s the pure joy in Timmy’s eyes when someone comes to the door, or how he sings along to his Jesus cd in the car.

It’s how Grace crawls to meet Tim at the door when he gets home from work, or watching the bunnies eat the hibiscus flowers.

It’s the smell of early morning air, or waking up to the birds chirping.

It’s the Priest blessing Grace on Sundays and Timmy then blessing the Priest.

It’s when I ask Timmy, “where’s Jesus?” and he points right to the cross and says, “C’mon Jesus come down and sit.”

It’s sleepy babies all tucked in their own beds and late night talks with Tim.

The last few days have been so simple and sweet.

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