Swimming, Gardening & Couponing

The baby pool has become an everyday thing. The kids are so happy splashing away.

Gracie giving Timmy a kiss..


& then pulling his hair!


It’s impossible to get a picture of them both smiling let alone looking in the same direction. But I still try. You’ll see my husband rolling his eyes as I make the craziest sounds and faces trying to make them look at me. It really is ridiculous.



We {just me mostly} are very excited about our first almost red tomato. Tim accidentally knocked it off trying to fix the stake so hopefully it turns all the way red soon so I can eat it. Gardens are a ridiculous amount of work. Sadly I’ve become a mass murderer of caterpillars. They will eat your whole garden otherwise. At first I was gently picking them off and putting them on the other side of the yard, now not so much.


Yesterday went so smoothly. The house was clean, the kids played and napped perfectly and both kids were in bed and asleep by 8:30. It was so dreamy. Aaaaaand then Grace gave me a reality check. That girl is always keeping me on my toes. I have been up since 2:30 am. Not exaggerating.

She fell asleep at 6:00 am but it was already too late for me to go back to bed so I went to Publix. I have become alittle coupon crazy. It’s sad the things that excite me these days. I get so happy about it that I arrange the food so that I can take a pretty picture of all that I bought. Yup that must be a new level of uncool. So here it is. I spent $33 and saved $79!!


On a side note, you know it’s time to shave your legs when your 2 year old says, “Ow Mommy sharp!”


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