First Stitches

Well we’ve survived our first stitches for Timmy. I was not as together as I would have liked to be. Actually I was a mess, literally running around screaming, “Ahhhhh what do I do what do I do???” Luckily my sister happened to be at our house.

All was well, the kids were crawling on the floor playing and I was making dinner. My sister calmly says, “oooo Laura Timmy hit his mouth.” I didn’t think much of it because the kid bumps and bruises himself all day, everyday.

But then there was his face, the open mouth scream but the pain is so bad there’s no sound. Blood every where, flesh showing…grossed out yet??

Tim was only 10 minutes away so he drove us and my sister stayed home with Grace.

We get to the ER and there’s no staff ANYWHERE. So here I am crazy mom mode banging on all the doors screaming helllllllo does anyone work here.

They wrapped Timmy in a cocoon with sheets and held him down to give him a shot of numbing and 2 stitches. It was very hard to watch. Timmy was so brave. Daddy not so much, sitting next to me with his head down while I’m singing twinkle twinkle in my very best {bad, real bad} singing voice trying not to cry. The worse part is that they think he’s going to loose some teeth from it.

Today he had to doctor on my chin first before he would let me touch his so we are both sporting Mickey mouse band aids.


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