Gracie is 10 months!

My baby is not so baby anymore. So much has changed in one month. Grace is standing alone and has even taken a few steps. She’s so funny about me having anything on my head. The second I put a hat or a toy on my head she’s high speed crawling and standing up to take it down. She’s talking up a storm and the poor thing has been blessed with my squeaky voice 🙉 and it’s real fun when her and Timmy get in a back and forth who can scream louder match. She’s saying Mama, Dada, Bye-bye, Dog and newest is Night-night and Babe. Every night when the kids are done in the bath I yell Babe they’re readyyyy! And grace and Timmy yell Baaaaaabe! So cute. Pretty sure she calls Timmy, NaNa. Her favorite song is splish splash I was takin a bath. She finally has just enough hair for a bow. It looks a little ridiculous but I love it. Her appetite has turned around from picky to I’ll eat anything and everything. Cheerios are a huge favorite and she’s always stealing Timmy’s sippy cup. She is crazy about trucks and trains and I can’t keep her away from Timmy’s tool bench. She knows how work the drill and everything. She loves going in the baby pool. She thinks unstrapping G-da’s shoes is the funniest thing ever. Grace goes to bed in her crib in her own room at 8:00 every night. She wakes up once around 2:00 to nurse and then goes right back I’m her crib and wakes up around 8:30. It’s great to have our bed back but I miss her.













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