Homeschool: Rainbows & Saint Patrick

This week lasted more like 2 weeks between the whole house getting sick and Great Grandma visiting.

Timmy’s language skills are really progressing. He is speaking in 3-4 word sentences now. He is also learning the concept of sharing, which is huge for him. He also started saying he was sorry without being told to, mostly to Grace of course. Timmy had a friend over and I didn’t have to yell one time. The two boys played for FIVE hours without fighting or anyone getting hurt. And they mostly played on their own. They had the most fun hiding in the closet and playing with instruments.

Here are some of this weeks activities:




I’ve always wanted to make a spaghetti sensory bin and I don’t know what took me so long because it was so simple. I just boiled the pasta with food coloring. Al dente is best so that it doesn’t fall apart when they play with it. I also added alittle olive oil to keep it from sticking together. Timmy wasn’t crazy about the texture and opted to use a fork to play with it. I let him add green sprinkles to it too. But in his mind he was feeding the “snakes” sprinkles. Everything turns to snakes lately. Grace was all about this activity, swirling it around her fingers and diving right in the bin. Not once did she put it in her mouth, only baby I know who won’t put things in her mouth {that includes baby food 😔}.







For this rainbow activity I cut out a cloud shape and strips of colored construction paper. First I had him glue cotton balls on the cloud, then he glued down the strips and then added the cloud to the bottom. I explained to him that this was a rainbow and we went over all the colors. He is pretty good at pronouncing all the color except orange. He did this project 95% on his own. I let him use the glue stick but I had to add more glue to make sure everything would really stick. I love how proud he is with his finished product.






The idea was to make shamrock stamps using 3 wine corks taped together. I did one to show him how it worked and the let him do his own thing. He got some stamped on his paper but then started using his fingers. I made the mistake of giving him a bottle of green glitter! & it was everywhere and of course it was his favorite thing. I explained to him that the shamrock represented the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and that’s how the real Saint Patrick taught the Holy Trinity. Then we did the sign of the cross. This is something I didn’t even know myself. Teaching my kids is teaching me too.




While we were painting shamrocks, Grace was doing some painting of her own for the first time. I mixed the last of our yogurt with some green food coloring. She loved it but again not a drop in her mouth. Everywhere else yes. We had to get right in the tub after these projects.




This wasn’t theme related but a lot of fun. I put lentils, elbow pasta and corn kernels in a big Tupperware with measuring spoons and a funnel. This got real messy fast especially once the spaceship got involved. He played for 2 hours and the best part was he asked for the broom when he was done.



For this activity I painted right along side him. I think I had a little too much fun. I was showing him what I was doing on my paper and it was so cute when he started imitating my picture. He kept saying “look mommy a line.” I thought he made a really good attempt at painting a rainbow.



Last year we made this 2 liter bottle with cut up pipe cleaners. Every now and then I bring it out with a magnet and he loves it. It’s actually pretty cool. We also made a water and oil bottle with orange food coloring. I bought these alphabet magnets from a friend. They also click into a device that says the letter name and sound. Timmy loves when we get to the letter P, he yells peeeeeeeeee!

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