Gracie is 8 months old!


A lot has happened this month. Gracie learned how to crawl and pull herself up to standing. She’s drinking from a sippy cup no problem. She has 2 of her bottom teeth. Eating is not her favorite thing to do but we have tried banana, apple, zucchini, oatmeal and sweet potato. Next we are trying sweet peas. I was brave enough to give her some puffs too. Of all of them zucchini was the most tolerable. She started waving hi and it’s the cutest thing ever! Timmy doesn’t see what the big deal is tho. When I’m like Gracie say hi, he gets in my face and is like “mommy HI!”

She has such a personality. She does this scrunched up nose sniffle laugh that is so hysterical.

She thinks Timmy is so funny. The two of them are playing together so much, I love it.

She’s still in my bed. Most nights I don’t mind but then we will have some nights where she nurses constantly. Other nights I’ll wake up in a panic because she’s not next to me and there she is all snuggled up with Daddy. I think I’m ready to start working on this crib business, but I’ve said that a million times.

Her favorite thing is bathtime. One night I started the tub but realized I needed to change her diaper first. When I turned the water off and started walking out she started screaming bloody murder and I swear when I laid her down on the changing table this girl slapped me across the face! Miss Attitude for sure.

It’s so funny how much she wants to be like Timmy. Already she’s copying him and stealing his cars and crawling super fast to keep up with him.

Here are some {ALOT} of picture from this month. I think she gets more beautiful every time I look at her.












My girl at 1 week and 8 months in the swing.

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