My Childhood Friend

2 years and one day ago my childhood friend was killed by a drunk driver. I think about her everyday and it has changed my life for sure.

We were neighbors and our parents were business partners. For about 3 years from age 12-15 I think I spent almost everyday with this family. Maybe I’m exaggerating but thats how I remember it.

Since then we only kept in touch through Facebook. When we found out it was Easter. I was with my whole family. We were sure it must be a terrible joke. Then Erica pulled up the news article and there was her name. We sat there in silence just staring at each other.

Every time I turn the key to my car she pops into my head and I’m reminded how quickly life can change.

Sometimes we never get to tell people how much we really love them so if anyone ever reads this blog….

I want my sisters and brother to know that they have always been my world and my absolute closest, bestest friends.

My children have my whole heart. If I spend every second of everyday with them it will never be enough.

Tim, without you I don’t know where I would be. I love you so much. My life has been blessed a million times over the second you walked into it. I really believe God sent you to save me. Everyday I live the life I always dreamed of, because of you.

My mom and dad gave me the best childhood I could ask for, filled with innocence and a million happy memories. I’m so much of both of them mixed together. I hear and see them in what I say and do as a wife and as a mother. I love you guys.

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