A Lesson in Horses

Our sweet niece loves horses and lucky for her my brother-in-law bought her two. Timmy and Grace are old enough now to learn about caring for a horse so I asked Halle if she wouldn’t mind giving them a lesson in horses.

My kids were over the moon excited. They wanted to help with everything. Grace took a good 20 minutes to warm up to the idea. I think she was surprised by how big horses really are up close.

First she had them brush Ripley and give her some treats.

Then they gave her some spritz before saddling her up and taking her for a ride.  

Then they gave Ripely gatorade which was news to me. Apparently is good for their hydration. Them she got a nice bath and some love.

Halle is so sweet with the kids. Shes so patient and gentle. I think we are going to make this a regular thing.

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