Gracie’s Arrival

She’s here!! & she’s beautiful. We are so blessed. She was born 9 pounds 19 inches at 1:49pm on July 29th. This delivery was so smooth. Within an hour I was nursing her while still in recovery. I’m falling asleep as I type so ill continue tomorrow.

I’m just getting back to this post and Grace is six weeks old. Having 2 babies is very busy!

This csection was so different. When I went in I was very nervous so I started the Our Fathers over and over again until Tim got in. They put the catheter in after the spinal which was so much easier. I was humming here I am Lord until she came out and she had the sweetest cry. Then out she went with Daddy for her check up. They sewed me up and I must have been very drugged bc I thought the operating bed was so comfortable I thought it was a water bed and I told them it was so nice of them to warm up the blankets first and they laughed. I was so surprised when they wheeled grace into the recovery room to nurse. And the little piglet latched right on. I was so overjoyed. She was a natural and she nursed every 3 hours the whole time in the hospital with no issues. After I was moved to my room and settled everyone left. Tim went home too and this is where things went south. I called the nurse in because I felt like when I would start to dose off I would stop breathing and wake up. They put me on oxygen and then I started dry heaving and I don’t know of a worse pain than dry heaving after your stomach was cut in half. When Tim got back he said he was so surprised to see how bad I was doing. I couldn’t even hold grace because I kept needing to throw up and I couldn’t get out of bed. Eventually it got better and I was up and walking the next day. I can’t love Tim any more than when he takes care of me in hospital when I’m looking my worst and I’m a disgusting mess. It’s so sweet for him to walk me to the bathroom and help me dress. I really was so happy. Grace was a complete angel. I think she looks like me. I can’t believe she is 6 weeks old. I never feel like I’m soaking in enough of these early moments. It just rushes by so fast.

At 2 weeks old we had her newborn photos done and they came out so beautiful. Here are some of my favorites.

We took this one in our front yard with my wedding veil. This is going to be so special when she gets married.


Special Delivery!


This one was taken with the quilt that Tim’s mom made. Its actually all pink but I thought the picture looked cool with just Grace’s name is color.


This one is so special. Here Grace is laying on the Bible that my grandmother bought me a Tim for our wedding. She’s also holding the diamond cross my mom bought me and all my sisters on our 21st birthdays.


This one is going above her crib for sure. I love how girly it is and those are pearls Tim bought me on my first Mother’s Day.


Our little family of four.


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