Best Day Ever

We are big Disney fans. Even before the kids were born we celebrated anniversaries and holidays at Disney. It was always a good time but now with kids we are seeing Disney in a whole new way.

We started the tradition of going to Disney for Timmy’s birthday to try to separate Christmas from his birthday because they are so close. This was the first time that he actually understood where we were, pointing out all the characters and waving with HUGE smiles.

I don’t have a lot of pictures because how many times can you take pictures of the same castle. What a relief it was to enjoy everything first hand rather than trying to capture the perfect picture.

The weather was perfect, the crowds were low, lines short AND not one meltdown from Grace or Timmy. Another plus we only spent $33 – $18 for parking and $15 for a ride picture.

Here’s our secrets:

If you’re going with a baby don’t worry bc they can ride almost every ride at Magic Kingdom. So you don’t have to miss out on the fun with your older children. Don’t forget your baby carrier {I highly recommend the Ergo}. This makes long lines a breeze. There is a Baby Care Center by the Crystal Palace Restaurant. This place has private nursing rooms, changing tables galore and any baby supplies you forgot. I have no shame so I nurse anywhere and I find it way easier to change diapers right in the stroller.

If you want to do anything like eating with the characters or a princess makeover or even first haircuts at the Main Street Barber Shop, plan way in advance. These appointments can be made 180 days in advance and when we tried 6 weeks in advance EVERY character breakfast, lunch and dinner was sold out.

Always buy the 4 day ticket for Florida residents. It’s $179. A one day ticket is $105. So this is like getting 2 days free. We split it up into 2-3 trip because we are so close. You have 6 months to use them.

Check the weather, duh.

If the park opens at 9, plan to be there at 8am. Sounds crazy but it will take you an hour to get from your car to Magic Kingdom gates. Also in hot months it’s better to go in the morning and leave by 2 or 3. Once florida gets hot it stays hot and doesn’t cool down until dark.

If you run into ANY issues go to will call. Explain your situation and ask if there’s anyway they can accommodate you. They want you to be happy so you’re almost guaranteed some fast passes. These kind of fast passes are best because they have no time restraint and can be used on any ride. We got 2 for the whole family for everyday because they charged us twice for our tickets.

The new Fast Pass Plus is awesome! Go to the fast pass kiosk first thing. Everyone gets 3 fast passes for the rides of your choice and you get to pick from all the times available. So no more running around ride to ride trying to get a fast pass it’s all in one place. They do sell out so get there early if you want your favorite ride.

Pack your own food and drinks! Yup Disney let’s you bring your own supplies. We packed a small fabric cooler with nuts, fruit bars, cheese sticks, beef jerky, raisins, a whole thing of peanut butter with spoons, frozen water bottles and pb&j for Timmy. Keep ahead of your toddlers hunger. I think that’s what helped us avoid any crying. And even though its kinda mean, avoid the temptation to buy them that cotton candy or mickey mouse ice cream. I don’t know if its all toddlers but my son on sugar is a mad show and then him coming off of sugar is even worse.

This might sound a little neurotic but bring antibacterial soap. My kids caught a terrible cold from Disney our last trip so now that’s a must have item because 2 year olds have to touch EVERYthing.

Best advice I ever got was watch your kids faces instead of the ride or show.

Best kept secret is this crowd calendar!

It tells you everything!

What’s great about Magic Kingdom is you can go multiple times and still discover something new. I don’t know how I never knew about the jungle cruise ride. Timmy was a little scared holding on to Tim for dear life when he saw the snakes.


Gracie enjoyed the wind in her face on the Dumbo ride. The dumbo ride is the best because they have an indoor playground for the kids while you wait to go on the ride with a beeper system and everything to let you know it’s your turn.


I was surprised that Timmy liked the Pirates of Carribean ride because it’s a little scary but there he was saying “Mommy look a pirate!”

Grace woke up from her nap in the middle of It’s a Small World ride and was pleasantly surprised by all the colors. Her face kinda said “am I still dreaming?”

Timmy saw all the clubhouse characters and princesses in a show at the castle. Up close he saw Pluto, Minnie, Woody and Jesse. It was so sweet hearing him say, “Bye-bye Woody” as our train pulled away.



Of course we had to ride the train. This child is obsessed. Everytime he heard it he was saying, “Mommy choochoo train?”

It was a perfect day. And we still have one more day of tickets so in a couple of weeks we get to do it all over again.





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