Sweet Memories

I love how pictures can really freeze memories but I struggle with being truly present or being the one behind the camera all the time.

I really should have just been soaking in the simple fun of hanging out in the yard and playing in the sprinkler but on the other hand I got some awesome pictures! :)))

We bought Timmy an old school sprinkler but he didn’t quite understand that he was suppose to run through it so Daddy had to show him….




To me these pictures scream Best Dad Award. Timmy was hysterical laughing. He now totally loves this sprinkler just as we did when we were kids. Best $4 we have spent.



Grace on the other hand, not a fan. The girl screamed bloody murder when the water hit her. I even turned it down really low and she was not that interested.



So for my little diva I put out a plastic shower curtain and wet it down and me and her played there and watched Timmy and Daddy get all wet.



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