My Sweet Independent Boy

Everyday Timmy is telling me how he can do it himself. And I’m like since when??!!

Recently he is taking showers instead of taking a bath with Grace. He even washes his own body. No mommy needed.

He dresses himself & undresses himself more often than I like. One morning I found him snuggled in bed, take the cover off and there’s a naked boy diaperless and all. He tells me what he wants to wear too. Not so great since he only wants to wear car or train shirts that are too small but still cute to see he has preferences now.

He uses scissors by himself. Gets his own water from the frig. Speaks in full sentences. Rides his bike. Cleans up singing the clean up song and everything. Brushes his own teeth. This morning he had to have an ice pop for breakfast because he said he was dreaming of it all night. Luckily his ice pops are just puréed frozen fruit & veggies shhhhh🙊

I love that he’s talking because he is such a caring little soul. If G-da coughs he goes running to where ever he is and asks, “Are you ok G-da? Do you need to lay down?” If anyone sneezes you can be sure Timmy will say “God bless you!” If you have a booboo Dr. Timmy will kiss it all better and then tilt his head and say, “All better?” He’s too sweet. Thank you’s allllll day long for the smallest things too. Anywhere we go he says hello to every person and they better say hi back or he will just keep saying it looking like did they not hear me mom?! Lol

Even though he’s a big boy now he still will ask me to rock him like a baby every now and then and I jump on the chance.


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