Boy Things

Timmy is all boy and I really struggle with all the gross things he’s been up to lately.

Right of the bat my son is a streaker. Naked is his favorite outfit. Tim says he was the same way at his age.

Today within 5 seconds of being outside he was digging in sand sprinkled with ant killer so I freaked and then he took a bucket of mud mixed with rain water and dumped it on his head! I was so grossed out I rushed him into the shower. I’m really trying to let him be a boy but yuck!

Then we found baby frogs in the garden and he wanted to hold them and rock them.



In the shower he turned a green wash cloth into a “turtle” and so we carried around a soaking wet “turtle” throughout the house singing rock a bye baby.

Then he was drawing a picture of a dinosaur of course, eating yogurt and watching jake & the never land pirates. He would literally draw a little, eat a spoonful of yogurt then run over to the tv and start all over.



Jake led to pretending he was Captain Hook with his little finger curled up as his “hook” and using a foam sword to fight Grace. Poor Grace. But I’ll tell you what that girl can hold her own.

His new word is “pretty prettttty pleassssse mommy” hands folded and all. And when he gets a no here come the waterworks. If it was up to Timmy ice pops would be his go to food for breakfast, lunch & dinner. As he’s rolling out of bed he’s saying, “ice pop mommy?”

Two is hard. I’m not gonna lie. But it’s also a lot of fun. Everyday he is teaching me to have more patience, to slow down and how to enjoy the very , very simple like the mud or a baby frog. 😝

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