Great Grandpa Gauck

We had quite a scare today. I got a call from my cousin early this morning that my grandfather was in the hospital and that the doctors didn’t think he was going to make it. Tim had already left for work so I threw the kids in the car and drove down.

Turns out bringing your babies to the ICU is frowned upon. A very unhappy nurse told us that children were not exactly welcomed there and that we needed to find a babysitter. So we went to Aunt Jessica’s and waited for the good news that he made it out of surgery and was feeling better.

My grandfather is a very special man. And I don’t just say that because he’s my own grandfather, it’s a fact. He is an old school gentleman, the kind of man you can depend on. When my great grandmother couldn’t live on her own he took her in. Not many men gladly take in their mother-in-laws. On top of that my grandmother (his wife) has been paralyzed for some time now. He took care of them both for many years. My great grandmother as since gone to be with The Lord. Day in and day out he lives to take care of his wife.

My grandparents are the perfect example of what marriage is suppose to look like. Last Tuesday I got to see it right in front of me. My grandma is in rehab right now recovering from a stroke so we were visiting her and in walks my grandfather with a very happy boyish smile and trucker hat. He always wears his hats only half way pushed down {classic grandpa look}. He sits down next to my grandmother, gets real close, gently grabs her hand kisses it and says how are you feeling today dear. He always calls her dear. She smiles and says she missed him. It was like they were in their own little bubble of love. I wonder what their secret is.

Things I know about my grandfather:
– He loves peanut butter cookies but hates chocolate.
– He still calls me beanie {my childhood nickname}.
– He is an expert gardener.
– I will always remember him giving me minty gum {Trident to be exact} as a kid. Turns out gum was what helped him quit smoking.
– He worked at Entimens when we were kids so no get together was without pound cake or crumb cake or those awesome small chocolate chip cookies.
– He is crafty with wood. I have so much of his masterpieces around the house.
– He gave us some of the best childhood memories at his lake house that he built with his own two hands! Crazy right?
– He introduced Timmy to hot wheels cars and now he’s crazy for them {like sleep with them at night crazy}.
– He is a closet animal LOVER
– He adds an insane amount of black pepper on all his food
– You will never catch him without a huge cup of ice. The man is addicted!

They just don’t make them like Grandpa anymore.

Praise Jesus that he is feeling better!



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