Backseat Driver

Timmy is the ultimate backseat driver lately.

As soon as he’s buckled in he’s telling me he wants to go to Aunt Jessica’s house and when I don’t make that left to get on the highway he’s telling me to, “Turn around Mommy, other way OTHER WAY!”

Other Timmy expert driving advice:

“Whoa Mommy that was too fast.”

“Stop the car Mommy it red!”

When I beep my horn – “Be careful mommy!”

“Wait for it to be green Mommy!” When I’m letting the car roll at the light. “Ok it’s green, go faster!”

If I hit a bump – “Uhohhhh what did you do?”

“Timmy drive Mommy.”

If I could find a fake steering wheel that straps to the front passenger seat I think he would go nuts. I’m gonna go google that now.

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